Safe Haven Bird Table Mesh ONLY


Upgrade your Safe Haven bird table with our versatile mesh panel kit, available in two convenient sizes—38mm and 50mm. This kit comes complete with all the necessary fixings, making installation a breeze. The durable mesh design not only adds a touch of modernity but also ensures a secure...

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A 38mm hole is suitable for attracting smaller bird species to nest in nest boxes. Common birds in the UK that might use a nest box with a 38mm entrance hole include:

  1. Blue Tit: are small, colourful birds known for their vibrant blue and yellow plumage.

  2. Coal Tit : Similar in size to the Blue Tit, Coal Tits have distinctive black and white markings on their heads.

  3. Marsh Tit: Similar to the Coal Tit, the Marsh Tit also has black markings but can be distinguished by its broader black "bib."

  4. Great Tit: Slightly larger than the Blue Tit, Great Tits have a black head and a distinctive greenish back.

  5. Eurasian Nuthatch: Though less common in nest boxes, Nuthatches might use a box with a 38mm hole. They have a unique way of moving down tree trunks headfirst.

  6. House Sparrow: While House Sparrows often prefer larger entrance holes, they might still investigate nest boxes with a 38mm hole.

A nest box with a 50mm entrance hole is suitable for attracting larger bird species in the UK. Some birds that might use a nest box with a 50mm entrance hole include:

  1. Great Tits: are medium-sized birds with a black head and a distinctive greenish back.

  2. European Starling: Starlings are medium-sized, iridescent birds with a speckled appearance.

  3. House Sparrows: House Sparrows are small birds with a brown and Gray plumage, and they often adapt well to nesting boxes.

  4. Nuthatches: While they can also use smaller entrance holes, Nuthatches may use a nest box with a 50mm entrance.

  5. Flycatchers: Certain flycatcher species may use nest boxes with a 50mm entrance hole.


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